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Khatira Aboulfatova,  

Born and raised in Azerbaijan, formerly known Soviet Union Republic. Almost Native Houstonian – living in Houston for past 18 year.

Medical Doctor by trade was employed as a Research Associate by Baylor College of Medicine, and building her Holistic health and Massage business on site.

She's been in Wellness industry for past 10 years, teaching, educating, practicing preventative modalities and technologies to achieve healthy mind, body and spirit.

“I am a strong believer in prevention; I believe our body is capable of healing when we know the right information and take care of it accordingly.  My philosophy is, treat the body as a whole. Take care of your body, as if it was your sacred temple – then your body will take care of you. You will feel and look younger. I am passionate making a difference in people's life, helping them bring the inner beauty out. When you feel great inside - you look great outside.

As a single mother to her 2 amazing teenage children, she loves freedom of time to travel with her kids and learn different cultures, and make a difference. This passion to make a difference for people’s mental, physical, spiritual health and well-being as well as for their financial life is ongoing. 


"Being Healthy is not a chore, it is a lifestyle by design" - Khatira Aboulfatova